December 03, 2010

Motivators: Senegal's Dr. Bocar Mamadou Daff

John Donnelly

This is the second in a series of interviews with participants at the Ministerial Leadership Initiative for Global Health’s Learning Collaborative Forum in Addis Ababa on motivation – what motivates them and how do they motivate others. Bocar Mamadou Daff, 51, is the director of reproductive health in Senegal’s Ministry of Health and Prevention:

 Q: What motivates you?

A: That starts with my background. I come from a rural area and there were many health problems there. So people in my community where I grew up weren’t even aware of modern medicine. They were using all traditional medicine they could find and when it wouldn’t work, they would go very far in search of modern medicine. 

I had a sister who was very, very sick for 15 days and she was yellow in color. People were saying this was caused by the devil. I asked my teacher what was wrong, and he said, `You need to take her to a health post.’ (He paused, and his eyes began to well with tears.) I didn’t know what to do.

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December 02, 2010

Gang of four: Table talk with reproductive health directors

John Donnelly

This is the ninth in a series of posts from the Ministerial Leadership Initiative's Learning Collaborative Forum in Ethiopia.

One has an army of women. 

Another has a president. A third a first lady, and a fourth "all the marbles in place."

Around a table today at the MLI’s Learning Collaborative Forum in Addis Ababa, four Health Ministry reproductive health directors from Ethiopia, Mali, Senegal, and Sierra Leone had a rare opportunity to talk about successes and challenges in their countries.

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November 30, 2010

MLI live-blog from Addis Ababa

John Donnelly

John Donnelly will be live blogging this week from the Ministerial Leadership Initiative for Global Health's Learning Collaborative Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The forum will take place over the next four days, ending Friday. This is the first post of the series.

MLI works in five countries – Ethiopia, Nepal, Mali, Senegal, and Sierra Leone – and among the forum’s highlights will be presentations from senior officials at all five Health Ministries about how efforts to promote leaders has yielded results.

October 21, 2010

Photo blog: Reducing Maternal Mortality in Senegal

John Donnelly

In this second of five segments,  John Donnelly interviewed photographer Dominic Chavez about the images below. What follows are his perspectives on his assignment in Senegal, which focused in part on the Ministry of Health’s efforts to reduce maternal mortality:

"Senegal was the first country that we started to document, so it was the introduction to the kind of issues at hand. It was the country where I heard for the first time that almost 350,000 women die around the world every year in child birth. A woman dies almost every minute. So we wanted to witness the difficulties first hand."

September 14, 2010 (All day)

Welcome to our new blog

Rosann Wisman

Welcome to our new blog, Leading Global Health. This week, we are featuring a series of stories rarely told, yet critical to the developing world: the growing importance of leaders in Ministries of Health.

When the Ministerial Leadership Initiative for Global Health (MLI) began three years ago, we thought about country leadership development mainly in terms of tailored approaches to training and capacity building for leaders in Ministries of Health – especially the Ministers themselves.