Michael Reich

Taro Takemi Professor of International Health, Harvard School of Public Health

Michael Reich is a professor in the Department of Global Health and Population at the Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Reich's research program addresses the political dimensions of public health policy. His current interests include access to medicines and pharmaceutical policy, health system strengthening, and the political economy of policy-making processes. A major area of his research examines access to medicines in developing countries. In 2002, he edited a book on public-private partnerships for public health. The volume includes case studies of partnerships involving specific diseases such as trachoma and river blindness, international organizations such as the World Health Organization, multinational pharmaceutical companies, and products such as medicines and vaccines. During 2008 and 2009, Dr. Reich collaborated with Prof. Keizo Takemi of Japan and the Takemi Working Group on Challenges in Global Health to propose policy initiatives to the Japanese government for the G8 Summit held in Toyako, Hokkaido, in July 2008. Their article in the Lancet in March 2008 (with MJ Roberts and WC Hsiao) presented some of the core ideas on health system strengthening that were subsequently adopted by the G8 leaders at the summit. He also serves as Director of the Takemi Program in International Health. Dr. Reich received his Ph.D. in Political Science and M.A. in East Asian Studies from Yale University.

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