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In Senegal, MLI is collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHP) to develop more equitable resource allocation formulas, institute expanded performance-based financing mechanisms, strengthen the health Sector-Wide Approach, and support donor alignment. MLI is also supporting the Reproductive Health (RH) Division to build its institutional capacity and its ability to use evidence more effectively in order to elevate RH within the Ministry’s broader policy goals. MLI activities in Senegal include:

  • Donor Harmonization and Alignment by commissioning a comprehensive review and analysis of past experiences with harmonizing and aligning external aid in Senegal which included a Sector-Wide Approach. MLI also organized a study tour to Mali for Ministry representatives to learn about Mali’s donor harmonization experience leading to an IHP+ country Compact.  The analysis and study tour have contributed to Senegal becoming an IHP+ signatory, developing a framework for a donor harmonization Code of Conduct, and launching its own IHP+ Country Compact process.   
  • Resource Allocation for Health Equity by supporting the MoHP and external consultants to conduct a situation analysis of Senegal’s current resource allocation approach and identifying potential reforms that would lead to more equitable, pro-poor resource allocation, and complementing this report with a study tour to Rwanda to learn about Rwanda’s resource allocation policies and performance-based financing experience. The situation analysis and Rwanda study tour are informing decisions about new MoHP budget allocations and the launch of a performance-based financing pilot program which is currently underway. 
  • Leadership Development by providing the MoHP with a tailor-made leadership development program designed to address and develop personal and institutional leadership skills at various levels within the Ministry.  The training centers around three core modules: the basic skills of transformational leadership, the fundamentals of change management, and the essential tools for effective leadership. 
  • Reproductive Health by working with the RH Division to develop a more cohesive approach to the coordination and advancement of reproductive health priorities, including developing  an advocacy strategy to use evidence more effectively to improve RH policies and practice and building the institutional capacity of the Division to accelerate progress towards achieving MDG 5. In addition, concerned that user fees may be a major access barrier for women, the MoHP is working with MLI to conduct a study on the implication of user fees on demand and utilization of reproductive health services. MLI is also supporting Senegal’s new presidential initiative, The Community-Based Program for the Promotion of Maternal, Infant and Child Health: The Badienou Gokh Initiative (BGI) that is dedicated to increasing demand for RH services.
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    Even though I have worked in Sierra Leone in the past, the role of MLI Country Lead has given me the opportunity to build upon these previous experiences and to work closely with members of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS), to support the implementation of health policies and reforms that they have prioritized.


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