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New Reproductive Health Component of MLI supported by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation

February 12, 2009

Central to improving health outcomes at the country level is addressing the health of women. In response to this need, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation has provided support for a reproductive health (RH) component of MLI, applying MLI's leadership development approach to reproductive health and linking reproductive health reforms to MLI's health financing and aid effectiveness policy reform.

Because of the Packard Foundation's long-standing focus on sub-Saharan Africa, MLI RH will engage three of the current MLI African countries. MLI will provide specific technical assistance tailored to the expressed needs identified by the Minister of Health in each of the selected countries.

In addition to technical assistance, ministers and senior staff from participating RH countries will have opportunities over the course of the project to come together during scheduled MLI regional programs and study tours to share their experiences and discuss current challenges and potential solutions in addressing reproductive health policy issues.

MLI is also pleased to announce the High Level Task Force on Reproductive Health, a group composed of current and former high-level government officials, representatives from donor organizations, multi-lateral institutions and non-governmental organizations. This Task Force will serve in an advisory capacity to the Reproductive Health component of MLI and provide overall guidance, support outreach to political leaders, and help bring visibility to the initiative in relevant forums from the national to global levels.

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