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Dr. Bocar Daff

Senegal’s Reproductive Health Protocols Brought to International Standards

August 9, 2010 – August 14, 2010

Senegal’s Reproductive Health Division is revising its reproductive health policies to meet current World Health Organizations guidelines. Final approval of the change is expected at the end of September. The revisions were developed during a 5-day August workshop supported by MLI and led by Dr. Bocar Daff, head of the Reproductive Health Division within the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoPH).

The workshop hosted 65 participants from the central, regional and district levels of the MoHP, as well as partner organizations working on reproductive health issues in the country. Highlights included discussions on more comprehensive promotion and delivery of family planning services and wider distribution of oral contraceptives and injectables at the community level.

Working groups established at the seminar reviewed current policies addressing reproductive health, family planning/sexually transmitted infections/HIV/AIDS and maternal and neonatal health, as well as adolescent sexual and reproductive health and behavior change communication. Each group presented its recommended revisions at the end of the meeting.

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