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Proceedings: Advancing Country Ownership for Greater Results: A Roundtable Dialogue

The “Advancing Country Ownership for Greater Results: A Roundtable Dialogue” took place on January 12, 2012, and was hosted by the Ministerial Leadership Initiative for Global Health (MLI). Country ownership is viewed as an important step towards improving aid effectiveness for global health. Yet, country ownership is a debated issue, particularly what it means in practical terms to donors, development partners, civil society, and country governments.

MLI Countries: Telling their Stories

MLI views ministries as places to seek out, not avoid, and it has set about to transform the way that ministries of health communicate their work and tell their stories to key audiences as the stewards of health care for their countries. There is value in ministry leaders telling local and global audiences about their successes and challenges. Media is a vehicle for reaching local audiences to communicate about the importance of accessing health services and generating support for new or emerging policy changes. By “opening a window” into the workings of ministries of health, these stories about their priorities, successes, and challenges can make a compelling case for increased donor support to advance policy reform and implementation.

Un exposé de l’ILM : Comment la Sierra Leone a-t-elle mis en place des soins de santé gratuits ?

Ceci est le premier texte d’une série qui traitera des mécanismes internes des ministères de la santé. Dans cet exposé de l’ILM, nous jetons un regard en profondeur sur les moments clés durant lesquels une nation déchirée par la guerre a commencé un programme de gratuité des soins pour les femmes enceintes, les mères allaitantes et les enfants âgés de moins de cinq ans.

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    Even though I have worked in Sierra Leone in the past, the role of MLI Country Lead has given me the opportunity to build upon these previous experiences and to work closely with members of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS), to support the implementation of health policies and reforms that they have prioritized.


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