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Proceedings: Advancing Country Ownership for Greater Results: A Roundtable Dialogue

The “Advancing Country Ownership for Greater Results: A Roundtable Dialogue” took place on January 12, 2012, and was hosted by the Ministerial Leadership Initiative for Global Health (MLI). Country ownership is viewed as an important step towards improving aid effectiveness for global health. Yet, country ownership is a debated issue, particularly what it means in practical terms to donors, development partners, civil society, and country governments.

In the Driver's Seat

In the Driver’s Seat, a series of interviews by journalist John Donnelly posted on the MLI Leading Global Health blog, discusses the dynamics of country ownership with leaders from developing countries, US government, and development partners. The discussion broaches topics regarding how country ownership is incorporated into their work, why country ownership is gaining traction in development, and the perceived risks of country ownership.

Current limitations of the endowment fund and of leadership at the intermediate level

A practical case study focused on endowment fund management issues: the decision-making process in the transformational leadership scenario

  • Covering issues affecting the ministries and the people they serve.

    Leading Global Health Blog

    Even though I have worked in Sierra Leone in the past, the role of MLI Country Lead has given me the opportunity to build upon these previous experiences and to work closely with members of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS), to support the implementation of health policies and reforms that they have prioritized.


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