Policy Areas

MLI works in three interrelated areas: health financing for equity, donor harmonization in health, and reproductive health.

Donor Harmonization

Donor health aid to countries nearly doubled between 2002 and 2005, yet the terms of this aid create challenges for its effective use within countries. Despite the increasing calls for coordination and mechanisms to improve the effectiveness of development assistance, aid remains predominantly short-term in duration, unpredictable, geographically or technologically tied, and highly fragmented.

Health Financing

Currently, Ministries of Health and partners are working together on innovative options for health financing for equity such as: health insurance, leveraging the private sector, donor harmonization (e.g., pool funds), performance-based financing, and strengthening the leadership capacity of the health sector.

Reproductive Health

It has often been said that the health of a nation can be measured by the health of its women, and indeed, women's health is a key indicator of overall equity in a health system. Yet the Millennium Development Goals associated with women's health have progressed the least, despite being some of the most achievable in terms of technical knowledge and resources.

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    Even though I have worked in Sierra Leone in the past, the role of MLI Country Lead has given me the opportunity to build upon these previous experiences and to work closely with members of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS), to support the implementation of health policies and reforms that they have prioritized.


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