MLI works with the Ministries of Health in Ethiopia, Mali, Nepal, Senegal and Sierra Leone.


In Ethiopia, MLI is working with the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) to implement a strategic planning and management system, the Balanced Scorecard, designed to facilitate more effective and efficient planning, monitoring and management of health sector development activities. At the request of Health Minister Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, MLI and the FMoH engaged the Balanced Scorecard Institute based upon the Institute’s experience in implementing the Balanced Scorecard framework within the public sector.


In Mali, MLI works closely with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Development to put in place critical health financing reforms to improve access to health care for the country’s whole population. With support and technical assistance from MLI, Mali has developed and is piloting a strategy to scale up community-based health insurance, or “mutuelles”, nationally. MLI is also working with the Reproductive Health (RH) Division and other senior ministerial leaders to build a stronger evidence base within the Ministry in order to boost reproductive health outcomes and make progress towards achieving MDG 5.


The Government of Nepal, with the support of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), has made a commitment to improve the country’s health outcomes through health policies targeting access to primary care and attention to the unique needs of vulnerable groups like women and under-served populations. Recent successes like the country’s drop in maternal mortality earned Nepal a Millennium Development Goal award at the 2010 UN Summit and reaffirmed the Ministry’s dedication. MLI is working with the Ministry to further strengthen its capacity through demand driven programs that complement the Ministry’s efforts.


In Senegal, MLI is collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHP) to develop more equitable resource allocation formulas, institute expanded performance-based financing mechanisms, strengthen the health Sector-Wide Approach, and support donor alignment. MLI is also supporting the Reproductive Health (RH) Division to build its institutional capacity and its ability to use evidence more effectively in order to elevate RH within the Ministry’s broader policy goals.

Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, MLI is providing direct support to the office of the Minister of Health and is serving as a principal advisor to the Minister. In this trusted role, MLI is helping the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) to advance on their top priorities, including building a financial management system capable of efficiently generating the information required for decision-making, helping the Ministry to harmonize development assistance and move toward a Sector-wide Approach, an IHP+ Country Compact, and potentially a pool funding arrangement.

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    Even though I have worked in Sierra Leone in the past, the role of MLI Country Lead has given me the opportunity to build upon these previous experiences and to work closely with members of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS), to support the implementation of health policies and reforms that they have prioritized.


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