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Updated August 3, 2011

Nepal launches Digital Library

The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) in Nepal has launched a Digital Library containing a searchable catalogue of over 2983 copies of documents including key policy documents and government health acts. They are available in both Nepali and in English. The digital library compliments the already existing Ministry of Health and Population’s conventional library, adding to it more relevant policy documents, guidelines and other health sector related documents as reference material and putting in place a barcode system to track documents online and send automated messages to users.

Program Focus

The Government of Nepal, with the support of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), has made a commitment to improve the country’s health outcomes through health policies targeting access to primary care and attention to the unique needs of vulnerable groups like women and under-served populations.  Recent successes like the country’s drop in maternal mortality earned Nepal a Millennium Development Goal award at the 2010 UN Summit and reaffirmed the Ministry’s dedication.

Statistical Overview

Capital City Kathmandu
Minister of Health Honorable Rajendra Mahato
Total Population 28196000
Life Expectancy (years) 64
Maternal Mortality* 280/100,000
Under 5 Mortality 55/1,000
Literacy Rate 57
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